Evasion Tactics: How Russia Is Using Other Countries To Circumvent U.S. Sanctions

by London Politica

5 April 2023

In this paper we discuss:

  1. The sanctions the U.S. has imposed on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine; 
  2. The additional sanctions introduced in 2023 and the expansion of the previous measures; 
  3. U.S. focus on impairing the Russian military and broad segments of the economy and isolating the financial sector and individuals and entities that provide support to Russian activities in Ukraine; 
  4. The tactics Russia uses to evade U.S. sanctions, include hiding Russian oil origins, purchasing Russian energy, and trading with “friendly” countries; 
  5. The countries that help Russia circumvent the sanctions, include UAE, China, India, and Turkey.

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Download PDF: Russia Sanctions - 050423

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