Kuwait: To Create Jobs For Nationals, Reduce Dependence On Public Sector Employment And Low-Wage Foreign Labor

by Alessandro Magnoli Bocchi, Fawaz Sulaiman Al Mughrabi, Carmen Pages Serra and Zafiris Tzannatos

13 October 2021

In this paper we discuss:

  • How Kuwait’s economy has under-performed its GCC peers over the past decade and will suffer a challenging outlook;
  • Why the ‘COVID-19 pandemic’ will likely accelerate the end of the fossil-fuel age;
  • Why in absence of bold structural reforms, Kuwaitis will suffer an increasing shortage of jobs;
  • How the government should adopt a strategic medium-term plan, and sound labor market policies; and
  • How delinking ‘oil-wealth sharing’ from public employment would create high value-adding jobs.

This paper is available to the public and the PDF does not require a password to be opened

Download PDF: Macro Picture Kuwait - VA - 13Oct21

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