The Anglosphere Rides Again, This Time Uniting Around an Anti-Chinese Geo-Strategy

“Nothing Is As Invisible As The Obvious” – Richard Farson, American Psychologist and Author

by John C. Hulsman

In this paper we discuss:

  1. Why the Anglosphere is by far the oddest creature in today’s great power jungle;
  2. Why the re-organisation of the West in three blocks (US, Anglosphere and Europe) is the most significant change in global politics that no one is talking about;
  3. How the recent military exchange between China and India in the high Himalayas have pushed India closer to the Anglosphere;
  4. How the nascent grouping to contain China is the QUAD (US, Australia, Japan and India);
  5. Why the Anglosphere, far from being the past, just may well be the future of international relations in the future.

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Download PDF: GCH Geopol Corner - 14 Jul 20

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