After the Party: How China Is Planning To Become The World’s Dominant Power

By John C. Hulsman

13 July 2021

In this paper we discuss:

  1. The celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party;
  2. How Xi has set the goal of making China the world's dominant power by 2049;
  3. How China is aiming at achieving this goal economically and geo-strategically;
  4. Why China needs to break the geographic ‘imprisonment’ by ’the first island chain’;
  5. Why the path of least resistance is to open the “northern route” by re-annexing Taiwan over time; and
  6. How increasing overflights, naval incursions, cyber-attacks, and diplomatic pressure on Taiwan will be ratcheted up in coming years.

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Download PDF: JCH Geopol Corner - 13Jul21

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