Deep Dive Into The Near-Term Future Part 2: 

What Lies Ahead For Policy And Financial Markets

by Brunello Rosa

10 June 2022

In the second part of this paper we discuss:

  1.  Policy Outlook: Not Enough Instruments For Too Many Objectives
  2. Focus on Fiscal Policy: Support to Economic Activity May be Inflationary
  3. Focus on Monetary Policy: A New Era for Central Banks Is About To Begin
  4. Market Implications: Volatility To Abound, As Prices Return To More Fundamental Valuations
  5. Commodity Prices to Remain Elevated
  6. Sovereign and Corporate Bonds: The End of The Secular Bull Market
  7. Equities To Re-Price Towards More Fundamentally-Driven Values
  8. Currencies: Super Strong USD While Many Economies Try To De-Dollarise
  9. Alternatives (Private Equity, Real Estate, Cryptos)

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