China and the US: The Art of War Versus the Art of the Deal

By Peter Cecchini

11 June 2020

In this paper we discuss:

  1. The geo-strategic importance of South-China Sea (SCS);
  2. Why SCS is key for global trade;
  3. Why, given the geo-strategic rivalry, it will be hard for the US and China to reach a comprehensive trade deal;
  4. How the US was playing "the art of the deal" while China was playing "the art of War"; and
  5. How the Philippines might end up being the equivalent of a "partial pin" in the chess game between US and China.

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Download PDF: R&R China vs US - Art of War vs Art of The Deal - June 2020

A version of this analysis was originally published by AlphaOmega, LLC and made available here:

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